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"Maurizio" wrote:

It also works as an OR operator for the tabbles BTW which is incredibly useful to boil down an idea right from the search box.

I am surprised you find the OR for tabbles useful. the OR is there for historical reasons: to ease dragging on files onto a precise groups of tabbles. Once this was useful because you did not have the side panel. But now that you can drag from the file panel main body to the side panel, I did not see a use for the feature anymore, and I though this was confusing. However I won’t remove the feature.

Type in partial names of tabbles (EX: tabb, quic) highlight the tabbles, right click and combine!

I see.

I’m surprised you’re surprised. 🙂 In the desktop workspace I tend to pull the tabbles around into groups when working on an idea, using the comma OR ability allows a keyboard-centric guy like me to pull in and sift through tabble pretty simply in the file panel. While it’s disappointing the search box doesn’t work the same in the desktop workspace (can’t search inside the nested tabbles there it looks like) it’s fast as hell and accepts partial entries in the file panel.

"Maurizio" wrote:

Perhaps Maurizio can add the "Enter" key to combine/open tabbles? (would be very handy)

ENTER is not possible since it would create a collision when typing in the search box. I can however create an ALT+something shortcut.

Sorry, didn’t define it well enough possibly. Was thinking more of having the enter opening highlighted tabbles or files meaning the focus would be in the file panel on the tabbles and not in the search box. An alt-key that opened/combined highlighted tabbles/files without taking focus from the search box (or wherever focus is) would be ok I guess. I just find myself hitting Enter and expecting things to activate as they do in most windows programs and, as you well know, what activates depends on one knowing where focus is. Think of it as further windows standardization… 😉

"Maurizio" wrote:
I am glad you are starting to use nesting (to repeat, Tabbles is currently not usable without nesting, due to enormous memory usage due to many tabbles visible at once).
Cheers 😉

I have maybe 20% of my primary db’s tabbles nested at the moment (and that’s just between members of House, Senate, and Geographic Location!) though I’m trying to keep the nesting simple as possible initially considering the number of tabbles and files I’m working with could make for a nesting nightmare… And actually Tabbles -is- usable for me without nesting – but using the desktop workspace is really painful. The file panel display works pretty darn well though even with 5k files under 400 tabbles. A tad slow, but well enuff. I haven’t seen any real speed up as I’ve nested tabbles, but will keep an eye, there may be a break point. (I hope)

Anyways, thanks for the reply, Maurizio.

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