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Reposting a portion of what I mentioned a few posts up (right above beaujean’s post. you must have missed it…)

"mrdna" wrote: Saw a thread where someone in linking up a file was used to looking for the tabble they wanted under a particular category rather than using the auto-complete function. (love autocomplete, btw! saves alot of time) My quibble comes in when creating new tabbles on the fly when linking in a new file. For instance,I have ‘agencies’ one color, ‘people’ another, document type (legislation, memo, poll, etc) a third, etc. I use probably a dozen different colors and at times end up opening a color (on the link screen) to be sure I’m adding the new tabble to the right color.

Perhaps there is a way we could simply attach a displayed name to the color in the quick link panel?

Since each color I use does denote a ‘type’ and I add several files per day as well as a tabble or two, I ended up taking a screen shot of the colors, writing the ‘type’ on it and taping it to the side of my monitor. A workaround, to be sure, but a workaround nonetheless.

As to adding a box feature… Now I’m not advocating bringing back categories per se as it sounds like you’ve had issues with the code for it, but the ability to group a bunch of tabbles in some sort of a box that I can move around as a unit would be VERY useful on many levels. Besides just grouping them by color one could drop tabbles of various colors into a box that relate to a specific project or whatever. No need to link the box to a tag or anything. It’s job is just to contain and grid a group of tabbles. Naming the box (again, no tag or searchability required) would be a bonus too.

Now I completely agree with you that using alt-c is faster when you know the direction you’re going in. But if I wanted to start at a search box there are alot of programs I could use. I use Tabbles because the GUI focuses me rather than overloading when I’m putting together info for a piece. This is why the ability to box a group of tabbles and scoot the boxes around is something I’d like to see. (and is why I’m so grateful snap-to-grid is being implimented! Info should look orderly, darn it! And, yes, my lack of ability to line-up or grid a group of tabbles freehand is distracting… 😆

(EDIT; I see 1.1.6 is up and the changelog looks like there’s some great stuff comin’ down.)

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