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Little update:

I’ve been playing with the wiki a bit after a while… things I did:

1) check FCKeditor again and realized it’s not compatible what our current version of the wiki(latest stable: 1.15.1). We’ll keep using wikEd for a while more

2) Enable file uploads! Done by adding $wgEnableUploads = true; at the bottom of the file LocalSettings.php

3) started moving the Tabbles manual onto the wiki.
– How did I do this? Well, I’m not even close to be done yet, but I found a little shortcut to convert a .doc/.docx to mediawiki format: all you need to do is open the file using OpenOffice 3, then click on Export > Mediawiki. OpenOffice will export a .txt file: just open it and copy&paste the content into your mediawiki article… cool, isn’t it? :mrgreen:



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