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"steven_bs" wrote: Is there a way to start automatic categorization manually and is there an easier way to create the same automatic categorization rules for different file types?

Welcome to the forums!

At this point you can only manually run rules by right clicking on a folder and selecting the option from the menu there. Unsure exactly what you’re asking for in the second half of the sentence, but it sounds kinda like creating a rule template. Unfortunately that hasn’t made it in yet…

"steven_bs" wrote:

  • If you have a rule for file names containing "Java" and you do not want that this rule will be applied to files with the name "JavaScript"[/*]
  • You have tabbles like Java, XML, Javascript, Ajax, HTML and the name of the first file is like "Web Design with HTML Javascript and XML" and of the second file is like "XML Handbook"
    1. is there a way to tag this files with only one rule
      1. the first file with Javascipt, HTML and XML
      2. the second file with XML
      3. if not, then why not?


      As to the first question; No. As the rules now work since "Java" is part of both then it gets the rule applied.

      As to the second question; Also no. You will need 3 rules to cover "Java", "HTML", and "XML". It will result in the results you want, but…

      Currently the rules are fairly rudimentary (though useful as hell!) and I know there’s plenty of entries on Maurizio’s ToDo list to expand and enhance them, it’s just not high on the list at the moment.

      FWIW, a few of the things I think we can look forward to when they have time to work on the rules;
      – Directory definition (what dirs rules will ‘see’ and operate in)
      – Rule exclusion, better definition. (to solve things such as your java vs javascript issue)
      – Useability of date and time (and maybe other metadata) in rule application
      – Better manual rule application (per file, global run, etc)
      – IF/THEN tagging. IF file has tabble A, THEN it gets tabble B

      As I said, Maurizio has quite a lot in his ToDo tabble so don’t expect any of this stuff tomorrow, but do feel quite free to toss out and advocate for good ideas!

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