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"Maurizio" wrote:

And I can?t delete the table for this drive.

Why do you feel the need to delete the disk-tabble? Only as a workaround for the above bug, of for some other reason?

::sigh:: I won’t speak for Serge, of course, but there are a good bunch of reasons to be able to permanently hide a drive tabble, some of which I noted when we first talked about this. First and foremost is that on my system I have my drives sliced up so that I have 6 drive letters for HDs alone, add 1 more for the CD/DVD and 2 more for thumb drives and you get 9. Tabbles does not need to see my music HD, the OS partition, the OS restore partition, 1 of the thumb drive partitions, and the CD/DVD (for now), so in essence there are at least 5 drives I really don’t need nor want to see.

Put that in a business environment; say I get an assistant to do my evening tabbling and I’ve set up a file, print, and fax servers, also chopped up. Now we have several -more- drive tabbles and if my assistant is particularly ditzy and forgets where the files are they’re categorizing are then every folder and file they access in their search gets added to the main db file count and tossed into the ‘all tagged files’ category…

Also, eventually you will need to look at file and db security in a business environment and hiding drive tabbles is a pretty basic foundation of that.

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