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"Andrea" wrote:

And another suggestion ? please give me an ability not to tag files on selected drives. I have huge external drive which I do not need to tag at all. But Tagges periodically run background process to scan this drive; I kill it and Tagges runs it again. And I can?t delete the table for this drive.
Is there a way to kill this process permanently and/or delete this drive from Tabbles?

Tabbles doesn’t scan any drive: I assume you’re talking about the one-click tagging and there are some rules that get trigged by some file in that drive.

Actually Andrea, it kinda does… This sounds like something I talked to Maurizio a couple months ago and is not associated with the auto-tagging rules but with the way Tabbles detects attached drives. As I understand it, Tabbles checks for drives every so often (which has something to do with how Tabbles keeps up with file changes not done via Tabbles?).

Anyways, as a result you can’t hide any of the drive tabbles, or rather you can hide them until you reboot the program or otherwise cause Tabbles to redetect, then boom, they’re back. Kind of a pain for me too, but as I recall, Maurizio said there was nothing to be done because of the drive detection routines.

I don’t think it actually runs any background processes on the drives, though it may look like it. When you browse drives in Tabbles it shows the "its a folder" and extension tabbles on the files, the tabbles don’t ‘stick’ though unless you access the folder or open the file. Only then does Tabbles take note of it and it becomes part of your "all tagged files" list and is added to the file count.

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