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hello there! Always happy to hear some constructive criticism 🙂

I do think the window which lists the files need a major overhaul, really (with a separation between files and available tabbles as the very first thing).

What do you mean? What is your problem with it? Please explain us 😮

Besides, if you want to go Microsoft standardized why do you have the user scroll horizontally?

Well, the horizontal scroll is one of the standard ways that Windows Explorer offers… we’re planning to do more of course

Needed: A topdown list sortable by file name, created and modified date, size and so on (like, you know, in the product you now aim to mimick… ).

we know this too… it’s on our to do list (but it’s a lot of work though)

Right now, I can sort by date (cumbersome through a menu, not a coloumn header like in the MSExplorer), but I can’t see the dates, can I?

Yes you can! View > File view

All in all: once you make the decision to copy the Explorer you have to be at least as good as the Explorer so the user really feels that the ability to add tabbles to files comes as the icing on the cake. Right now, it’s a bit erm… half-assed. Is there a non-rude word for this? In german it would be half-hearted which is nicer, heh…

Yes, this is where we’re heading… the point is that even if it doesn’t seem so, Windows Explorer is a monster application, and recoding the whole of it would take time. Now, the question is not if, but only when, and more precisely, do you think it’s more important to have the column view or:

1) making Tabbles portable (so that it runs from a USB) – many people asked for this
2) better web-browser integration (with a bookmarklet)
3) manually excluding some disk – a looooot people asked for this
4) shared-tabbles (I don’t think I need to add anything here…) 🙂

So, the answer is: we agree on the path but the path is looooong. Patience, my young padawan, patience is the key for The Force©

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