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"Maurizio" wrote:

Precisely what I said there; If I place all my people tabbles under a parent-tabble, topic under a topic parent, etc then for a file with person, topic, agency, place tabbles it will inherit 4 extra tabbles. So each file can double the number of tabbles

so far so good…

which makes it harder to quickly scan a set of files

I don’t see how this follows.

I assume you are still using the file-view-mode where tabbles are displayed under the file. But even in this case, inherited tabbles do not appear below the file, so I don’t see why it should be "harder to scan a set of files".

Could you explain?

Hmmm, will have to look at this again – I’d done some testing with another DB when you first put in the nesting and from that and the concept of "inheritance" then a parent tabble would be listed under the file. If the inherited tabble -doesn’t- show up under the file then that certainly -does- change nestings usability in the file panel for me and you can slap me one for having a hissy fit about it.

In the workspace, though… I’m sure you’ll figure something out there.

As to scanning a set of file results – Probably like anyone I key on color, size and shape of the tags to get a quick idea of what I’ve got (shape and size are actually well known keys -everyone- uses for reading. many studies on it over the years), additional ‘garbage’ tags clutter up the tag field and slow that process down. It’s how the brain works…

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