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"mkayi" wrote:
But I am trying to get accustomed to the new interface. The workspace is still there, colour groups are still around. Let’s wait and see.

NO 🙁 I’ve moved all tabbles in this f**** nests and now workspace is useless: there are only nests. So:
1. I can’t find and correct tabbles – I have to review this f**** tree in left panel
2. I have mixed trash (tabbles, folders, files) in the right halfwindow
3. When I try to find something I have to:
a) open tabbles folder in the tree (instead of pan & zoom in one mouse movement)
b) after one tabble selection I get all further possible tabbles and files (and other nest is still closed) so I’ve to open tabble group
c) repeat ? twice
d) get my single book ___at the end of tabbles list__

May be it will be more clear if I’ll name my tabbles groups.

I have really big histrical library. So groups are:
– time period (centuries from XXI bc to XXI, ‘named’ periods: ‘Ancient kingdom’, ‘New kingdom’ etc)
– geographic region
– science (history, biology, archeology etc)
– craftsmanship/technology (military, fortification, weapon, land transport, management, agriculture etc)
– document type (book, map, picture etc) – and IT IS NOT FILE EXTENSION!

I used tabbles to solve 2 problems:
– create my personal ‘ontology’ – sets of tabbles, really
– access library through this ontology

And now I’ve totally lost 1st task :(((((( – this f***** tree is not usable for me AT ALL. 2nd goal is ok – I still can find files.
I think it’s possible to do 2 small improvements:
1st: separate right panel in two: upper with tabbles only and lower with files and folders, and does’not refresh file list every time I combine tabbles 🙁
2nd: make ‘autoexpand’ feature in workspace view, then I can see nested (and useless) tabbles in groups around ‘nests’ as it was in previous version.

Sorry for poor english and high emotions. I feel myself like a kid, after his new toy was broken by elder brother 🙂

Best regards

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