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Hello Wintermute,

what you can do right now is tha you can tabbles on several PCs and then set Tabbles the change the path of the database to a removable device. You can do that using a pretty hidden feature: Misc > Maintainance functions > change database path.
Then, if you also have your data on the removable device, you can see your data categorized on each of those computers.

We also have the collaboration features to do check-in and out of files along with the tabbles linked to them (most to send some stuff to colleagues and get back something which is still categorized).

Now, I know this is not what you’re looking for. :mrgreen:
We’re planning to release archiving/backup and versioning features, for the Business version, around the end of November (those are in alpha now). Doing some sort of syncing between devices is also an option – maybe for a bit later.
– what kind of syncing would you expect?
– how do you expect it to work?
– if you have any software that would be a good example, please point us to that.

P.S.: this is not the place for a sales pitch, but we’re giving away the Business version for a HEAVILY discounted price before we release the "real" version. Just PM me if you want to know more.

Best regards,


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