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Hello Nefycee, and welcome to the forum! 🙂

We speak many languages but Tabbles doesn’t speak that many yet…but of course we’re planning on localizing it other languages, and Deutsch is on top of our todo list.
By the way, do you think you could help us with the translation? 🙂 In order to translate all you need is a simple tool or Excel and we could do a first pass of software-translation (using google translate or something) meaning that all that the translator would have to do would just be checking if the translation makes sense and fixing it where needed…
If you’re up for the challenge, we’ll be happy to give you a shiny-blinking-flaming license for Tabbles Business (which will soon include Archiving/Backup and versioning!) as well as an autograph from all of us! (woo-hoo!) and a glass of Weizenbier whenever the occasion comes 😀

this offer goes to everyone in the forum!

Please let us know!

Best regards,


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