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That tabble "test tree" exists in my primary db and it or an associated rule was never part of the other DBs where it’s crashing. I have created (and deleted, and created…. when testing) a rule in the primary DB associated with the tabble, but not in the other DBs.

All 3 of the DBs/structures where it’s crashing has never had any rules created, nor a tabble called test tree. I assumed it was some sort of corruption or ‘spill-over’ from the primary DBs rule set; perhaps when I attempted to create the first rule in a new DB that it was looking for previous rule entries and ‘found’ some, though in the wrong place.

So basically, Maurizio, only the primary DB has -ever- had any rules -or- the tabble ‘test tree’.

I’ll try your idea of creating a test tree tabble in the new DB when I get home tonite. Hadn’t thought of that.

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