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Hi mrdna, thanks for your help.

I can’t reproduce the problem. However, the error log you sent me tells me that it isn’t true that you do not have any rules defined. It seems you do have at least one rule. The crash happens when Tabbles is trying to create the list-item for that rule.

The problem seems to be that the rule assigns the file to a tabble that does not exist anymore, but has existed in the past, called "test tree". If you create a tabble with the same name, it should work again. Do you confirm?

However you have indeed found a bug. But I cannot see how you managed to delete a tabble without deleting the rule which applies that tabble. I had already managed the situation: each time you delete a tabble, I alredy delete all rules which assign that tabble. So I cannot see how you managed to get it crashing.

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