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"Andrea" wrote: Hello mrdna,

The tool is in reality useful only when you move/rename folders.
If this happens, then you put in the top field the old path/name and in the bottom field the new path/name (just tried it now and it works ok…).

You can also do (maybe faster):

1) close Tabbles
2) you rename/move your folder back to the old name,
3) launch Tabbles,
4) rename/move the folder to its final name

how does this sound?

Pretty much what I did; had a forlder named ‘climate’ and renamed it ‘environment’. Using thr MDD I tried partial file path names (old in top field, new in lower field) and full path names. Terminated with the final and not. Even tried wildcards. Nada.

Tried your idea before I left for work; have a folder tabble to the primary dir. Renamed the dir back in winex, browsed into it (via tabbles folder) all the files there, all had the right tags associated. Could see and open the files when I searched them up via the tag. Changed the dir name in winex, browsed it via the folder tabble, new folder shows, files inside stripped of tags. Search via tabble brought up the files. First file was seen and path changed, the rest were ‘lost’ and showed the old file path.

Could this be a 64-bit issue? (been getting alot of crashed poss due to kernel32 issue) Maybe a ‘rules’ issue? I think I’m doing everything right…

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