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hello there,

"Jfw" wrote: I am still looking at tables and it seems (unless I have missed something), it does not keep track when you copy a file around.
Let me explain:
When I move a file around Tabbles notices it and points to the new file.
When I copy a file around I expect Tables to take this new files in the same categories as the original one.
This means that if I select the categories I will have to files at two different locations (the original one and the one I have copied…)

well, this is more a design choice rather than a bug… technically for us it wouldn’t be hard to track each file that has been copied, but we chose not to. Before we go on with this subject, please have a look at this post:
I guess that this feature (which should be ready in a couple of days will do the trick for you.

I also find it strange that I can not combine a category with the "drives-tables" I have in tables….
This would allow me to further define which file I really want (the categories but on drive C or on my usb stick)

I think that the feature above can help you here as well… but could you please elaborate and give me an example of this?

thanks, 🙂


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