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"Andrea" wrote: Thanks a lot mrdna!

I guess you’re currently the highest authority in terms of "how many files".
What we’re looking for is a limit that doesn’t discourage casual users and makes hardcore users want to purchase a license… therefore something around 5000 files sounds fair, isn’t it?
Maurizio is thinking about allowing max 5000 generic files or 1000 docs/pdf/xls + 4000 files… it does make sense actually as if you’re using Tabbles for docs, then 1000 is already a lot… what do you think? 🙂

I think you’re being generous… The vast majority of my files are URL links with pdfs a far second place. I use url links (rather than Tabbles internal internet address ability) because I gather most of the links on a machine without Tabbles. It seems to me that that would fall under the generic files catagory. I would also venture that I don’t have more than 5000 pictures, let alone 1000.

With a target market of business users I’d think that 1000 docx/xlsx/pdf means you’re shooting at medium and larger biz as a smaller biz wouldn’t hit the limit for a while, and then only if they were tracking individual transaction data.

I think you’re pretty much giving it away to the home user though. The casual user isn’t going to hit either of those limits in most applications I’d think.

I know you’re mainly looking to the biz market for sales, but I think the casual user market could be quite lucrative, possibly moreso than biz when counting individual licensing. I’ll have to put something together to give you a better idea of why I think that, but it involves some program features that shouldn’t be very high on the todo list right now and, to be honest, I haven’t polished my ideas enough to warrent bothering Maurizio and you with them. (You guys got better things to do atm)

Were I to set numbers I’d put them nearer to 500 with only jpgs higher (possibly 1000). Self generated docs/xls/etc hit the limit sooner (a couple months as opposed to -several- months). The reason for jpgs being higher is that it’s the standard output for digital cameras and gives home users breathing room to get used to Tabbles using their picture collection.

(quick thoughts, apologies. at work. poss more later as I think more)

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