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Interesting ideas, this. Some sort of re-linking would most definately be extremely useful! (Did I mention that it would be like really, really, useful? 😉 )

If files are moved when Tabbles is not running the file ‘loses’ it tags (and a ‘shadow file’ is no longer shown where you can re-find the file by browsing to update the filepath of the file) so, in essence, you have no choice -except- to manually re-tag the file from scratch. (The Database Update Wizard is -no- help here and looks like it would actually really munge things up)

This is a bit of a problem for me if/when I rearrange files at work (create new sub-dirs for a person/topic, etc) or if Tabbles isn’t running here at home (rare, but has happened! 🙂 ). All the moved files lose their tabbles! Sure I can re-tag in a limited fashion with the rules (no general run rules button yet tho… 😉 ) but for the files that had detailed tags I must do it all again.

@rinat; I guess I can see a few reasons for having the same files in different paths on different computers, but it seems to me to be rather rare instances: active versus archived files, work-defined structure versus personal home structure, and of course, the standard Windows filepath naming conventions. (c:usersmrdnadesktop versus c:usersmycatdesktop)

You may be able to use the Database Update Wizard (menu>tools>advanced>DUW)in this case to adjust db paths if you are setting up a second individual db for it.

Elsewise, and I haven’t tested this to see if it would actually work, perhaps putting the db on a USB drive and tagging each set of files into it. Yes, you’d have to do the tagging twice and add a second set of rules, however I think that Tabbles would ignore (and not show) any non-present files. This would, of course, make the tabbles export/import feature unusable to you as it imports into filepaths defined by the export.

Do play with the nested tabbles feature; it will give you a way to create an OR work-around (put your OR tabbles into a 3rd tabble. thx for that tip, Andrea!) among other fun little functions. Still a few oddities in the tree feature, but it -is- brand new and any bugs are being hunted down as we type…

Anyways, welcome aboard, Rinat! Always nice to have a new voice on the boards!


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