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Thank you, Andrea.

Another suggestion: If you select multiple files and request auto-tagging, you can also look for common words and pop up a box for user fine turning.

1. Home Finances.mdb
2. Home ToDo.txt
3. Home Shopping List.txt

4. Work ToDo.txt
5. Work Tasks.txt
6. Work Files.txt

If 1, 2, 3 are selected, Suggesting ‘Home’ as a tag. Also, (more advanced) if ‘Finances’ or ‘ToDo’ is already a tag, suggesting that as a tag too.

If 4,5,6 are selected, ‘Work’ can be a suggested tag, and ‘ToDo’ can be included, if ‘ToDo’ tag already exists.

If 100 files are selected, and 10 or more (for. e.g.) have a common word, that could also be suggested.

Just shooting off the top of my head. Think auto-tagging that way would help me a lot.



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