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Overall auto-tagging is working pretty well! It looks like I may have come up against an occasional odd little issue when 2 rules apply to one file, specifically a directory rule and a filename rule. It’s odd because one file was tabbled just fine with each rule, however the rest only picked up the directory rule.

This sounds like a bug I fixed in 1.3.3. Sorry.

This bug also caused database corruption (restricted to the file that was matched by two rules). so I suggest you do the following:

1. install 1.3.3

2. open the debug log: tools > advanced > show debug log.

2. detect and fix db corruption: tools > advanced > remove errors in db.

3. quickly do CTRL+a and then CTRL+c on all the text in the debug log, and CTRL+v in notepad, so you can take note of which files have been unlinked from the DB.

4. Tell me how many files with errors there were (or just send me the full log via email)

5. retag all the files that had errors

6. make sure the bug is fixed, by creating a file in a directory that triggers a rule, and then renaming it to a name that triggers another rule.

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