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A bit of clarification on my ideas;

In portability I’m thinking more in the order of being able to install and use if -from- the thumb drive. IE, if I use a computer that does not have Tabbles installed on it I can run it from the thumb drive.

As to the rename function, I’d find it useful on the quick link/unlink panel. When I’m adding files to the DB I’d like to be able and rename them at the same time I’m linking them in. I was thinking along the lines of how the web link function works where the copied url already shows up in a field on the add url panel. An additional plus for this is that when I’m adding/working with files the file name is nowhere to be found on the panel so at times I find I’m scooting the panel to the side to look at the file and remind myself of the date, file type, doc type, etc.

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