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"Andrea" wrote:

After a conversation with one of those bloggers (pretty smart guy actually) about software prices in Russia, I had the idea of creating a "fair price campaign", you can read about it here:

Does it make sense? Let’s see.


Now we’re focusing on making Tabbles stable again… plus: anyone is using/loving/hating the auto-tagging and one-click tagging features?

see ya,


The fair price thing looks nice, but which list do you have to be below 30 on? IMF, WB, factbook? An average? Actually they’re pretty comparable so I guess it doesn’t matter. 🙂

The auto-tagging is working quite well! Saving me alot of work. Haven’t started playing with rules based on filename yet, but dir rules are great. I use the ‘locate in tabbles’ rt click (as well as the loc in explorer) and they do fine. A couple oddities I noticed; In Explorer when you locate in Tabbles you will get a file window for each dir. If you locate a 2nd file in the same dir the focus moves to the new file. In Tabbles, when you locate in Explorer it opens a new window for every file you locate. Also, the new Explorer windows that are spawned do not have the Tabbles right click commands listed. Can’t bounce back and forth.

I see that’s your 200th post Andrea! Was hoping that you got an extra bubble like we users do and go from DEV to DEVO… :mrgreen:

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