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I have TERABYTES of data and use extensive folder/file naming conventions.
I love the concept of Tabbles, but have a major issue with importing into tables.
For example, I have a folder for all File relates software – 2,213 folders, 25,974 files 2,37 GB
This is a SUBSET of my software folder which is even bigger. 21,867 folders, 248,973 files 49.2GB
When moving this amount of file names to Tabbles, the results are worse than explorer (or powerdesk)

There MUST be as "filter" on import that will allow me to Include or exclude file types.
There MUST be a "filter" on Viewing a tabble as well.

File folders represent the name of the software (softwarefilestabbles) so in my "softwarefilestabble" tabble I would like to see a nested tabble named files and within softwarefiles a tabble named tabble. in the tabble tabble I would like to see only:
*.txt, *.exe, *.doc *.html *.zip
In the whats-tabbles.html file is a folder named whats-tabbles_files that contains 41 files occupying 600K
I do NOT want this "junk" (in my opinion) in the table or if it is there needs to be a viewing filter of some type related to HTMLs.

Another example softwarebrowsersFirefox I have more sub folders representing different builds of Firefox
I would love a tabble called softwarebrowsersfirefox with the nested tabbles for each version. However, this does not seen to be doable. softwarebrowsersFirefoxFirefox3.5 contains 144files and 8 Folders but in reality only 7 files an exe and 6 HTML The 2 extra folders are subfolders of htm folders

Am I the ONLY person experiencing this frustration?