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Hi there from @tarekjor, hello world 😀

The spanish translation for Tabbles-4.1.12 is complete, now I am correcting typos and “proper registry” to more “neutral” and “functional” registry “than too formal”, for example:

– Neutral is functional, is not “vulgar” or “non-polite” (to be clear)

– Spanish language has a “very formal” pronoun for “you” (among other things) => “usted”

I think “usted” is too formal, and “creepy” (it is better “tú”, or even omit pronoun (more clean on spanish)

– The language “registry” is neutral “Latin América, España (Spain)… etc” without “region-speficic-concepts”

– Anglicisms are used “if they are accepted” or “a convention”, otherwise not

For example “debug” is “accepted” even existing translation as “depurar”, db “as acronym” is “database” => “base-de-datos” but “db” is a “acronym-convention” cross-language… etc

– I checked and corrected-improved the “yet-translated” strings for spanish from “previous resx file”
– I will upload soon (today, in some hours), when I finish some things

– I am testing now, all works “good”, template invokation from {expressions} etc…

What do you think?, are you agree about “registry” and “to be functional” on translation?

I think this app is very “UX-friendly”, but is for IT people “with some knowledge or niche”, so I keep “clear expression”, “clean grammar” but “adequacy” to “major public of Tabbles”.

PD: I comment this, because I take serious this (my work in general) (I am developer too), before I release the .resx file definitely (keep-it-easy)

Best regards 😉

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