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Tabbles does not only use the file path to identify files, but also the volume serial number of the partition, and the partition size.

This is needed because 1) there must not be confusion if a drive changes letter, and 2) on the Cloud many users could have the same path for different files, so the file path is not enough.

For this reason, in order to move files across disks, you need to move them with either Explorer or Tabbles. Then, Tabbles will update its internal database with the new disk informations. If instead you copy the files, as you have done, nothing happens in Tabbles’ database, and afterwards there is no easy way to tell Tabbles that the file path is the same but the disk has changed.

Here’s what you can do:

1) redo the file move operation properly: if you still have the old disk, and the content of the files has not changed, connect the disk and move the files to the new disk (with explorer, or better with Tabbles).

2) otherwise you need to manually update the database, with the new disk id. You need to use Sql Management Studio and run a query I will give you. You also need to tell me the partition size of both the old disk and of the new disk, and the volume serial number of both the old disk and of the new disk. You can discover them as follows:

a) in Tabbles, locate a file with the “unplugged” icon, right-click the file, advanced > “see which disk contains this file”. tell me the data of the disk.

b) in Tabbles, right click on the new disk, in the side panel, folder-menu > advanced > see which disk contains this file, and tell me the info.

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