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and in your sample
you can also do a search on singer then add writer ?
or would that do a search that meant someone would already need have both tags?
hmmmm, might return an empty set that way

yes – needs some more thought(s) (on my part)

now – I am setting up the oboous things
eg I have companies, in my EXCELLANT folder structure, developed over years
I have, eg
Company 1
Company 2

I have
Seller 1
Seller 2
Buyer 1
Buyer 2
Joint Ventures
Do I put the JV Agreements here ?? in a BIG list
or do I put inside with each respective company

yes – typical problem as you describe in your literature
It has been very manageable to date
but now adding more variables= like country/ or projects / etc
do I list the new contracts by country with suborders called Projects or similar projects with sub-folders per country

not mean to get long winded here / just again saying – how pleased I am to have your program

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