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mrdna, thanks a lot for your long explanation – I hope we’re getting closer to it, but still there are things we just don’t grasp.
:geek: :geek: :mrgreen: :ugeek:

Let me summarize what I understood so far:

  • * you mostly use Tabbles as some kind of file/urls related mind-mapping tool
    * in the "desktop window" you arrange the tabbles manually using the free-hand mode (not the auto-arrange tools) in order to do some kind of clustering.

How correct is this? I know it seems like I’m acting like a shrink, but explaining (and therefore understanding) one’s "user experience" is everything but easy. Thanks again for spending all this time on this 🙂

Our issues while shifting the new GUI are mostly that:

  • * we still like the zoom/pan GUI, but we realized that most people just don’t get it (and we’re not Apple so we can’t hope we’ll convince them that it’s "beautiful and magical").
  • * the whole clustering/mind mapping/desktop idea, is not at all something we did throw away: what we’re trying to do is focusing on something that anyone can understand and have a direct benefit from, and leave for a later moment some other more audacious experiments…

ok… not sure why I wrote that, but I guess trying to explain yourself is never a bad thing :mrgreen:


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