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Look for the "user-defined auto-tagging" thread in this forum. I posted it a week or so ago, but it outlines much of what you’re asking for and from everything I’ve read here, in the dev-blog, and from Andrea, it sounds alot like what they’re working toward. This will be a VERY powerful feature imho and I know that Maurizio wants to roll this out right and is taking the time to hammer it out in detail and bug-free.

Also, as Andrea mentioned, if you haven’t tried 1.2.0b1, you should. It’s a significant upgrade from 1.1.7. You will also want to grab a ‘real’ registration pretty soon too. I started out with a GOTD license and have since gotten upgraded and it is well worth it!

Keep tossing in the ideas and feedback! Gives us fellow users something to think about and pester the Tabbles team with! 😈

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