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"inf2know" wrote:
I expected to see the file name, a date and size at a minimum.

One problem with your request is that these informations take up space. So

1. Would it be acceptable for you if those informations appeared in a file’s tooltip?

2. Please note that sorting files by date is already possible. (Actually you can sort by three different dates). Given that, do you think it is still needed to see the date beside each file? Could you provide a practical scenario where this is needed, or at least greatly increases productivity?

3. If so, what kind of date do you need? Modification date, creation date, date the file was last opened with Tabbles, date a tabble was last added to the file? Why?

4. as for file size: would it be enough to be able to sort files by size, and then see the file size in the file’s tooltip?

Thank you

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