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Tabbles unterhält sich mit Outlook und so langsam verstehen sich die beiden. Im Moment einigen sie sich auf eine gemeinsame Sprache um in Zukunft miteinander zu kommunizieren… und die Welt hält den Atem an bei den ersten nicht ganz so geheimen Screenshots aus dem Beta Labor Die API Entwicklung schreitet voran. Mal sehen mit wem (Read Post)

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Tabbles, ScrapBook, Gyazo, Firefox hint

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Tabbles plus ScrapBook plus Gyazo und tag plus bookmarklet

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(this is a boring post about an update – I’m working on a more interesting post about enterpreneurship and Microsoft…stay tuned) While this is a minor release, there are a couple nice things we added: — the uninstall shortcut in the start menu (a big step for us, a small step for humanity  ) — the “+” next (Read Post)

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… to make it totally idiot-proof this time! Read more about this on our forum. Updated! Teaser nr. 2: …and the forum post

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Let’s talk about the ALT+c dialog box (aka quick-open tabbles) (see the above picture). This is one of the most important features in tabbles, one which increases your productivity a lot. A user complained (hi nefycee!) of the new appearance of this dialog box. Now that categories are gone, in the left panel you only (Read Post)

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Judge for yourself if my Tabbles desktop is pretty 🙂 (click picture to enlarge) Of course I have many more tabbles, but I have hidden them from the ground floor. (I open the hidden tabbles with ALT+c). In general, I only use the ground floor for tabbles that I want to click for first; later (Read Post)

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Tabbles 4.2.0 (~ 19MB)
Compatibile con: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Per l’utilizzo in LAN richiede Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 o superiore.

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