Tabbles localized in Chinese and Hungarian, shared-tabbles features are nearly ready to be rolled out! Tabbles is becoming a social tagging tool, aimed at tagging files and urls on LAN or in the cloud.

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A mixed update about a bunch of things like: Update, tabbles, tabble-sharing, yahoo pipes, giveawayoftheday, Don Syme’s post

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The shared-tabbles feature is in beta: download it from our forum!

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Weekly update: Tabbles in Japanese, RSS and OpenID on our forum, introducing to shared-tabbles.

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Und wieder ist ein kleiner Schritt gemacht auf dem Weg zum DMS der Zukunft! Shared Tabbles ist in aller Tabbleros Munde. Einige Auserwählte, erhielten heute Nacht eine Email mit einem Download Link zur Beta 1.5.4 â?? Shared-tabbles private beta. Die kleine unscheinbare Vier birgt nun hier das groÜe Geheimnis. Die Magie zwei Datenbanken zusammen zu (Read Post)

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How to get the tweetmeme button and facebook share button (horizontal) aligned on your web page – the digg digg plugin and the wibiya toolbar

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We succeded in our first experiment of real-time database merge! The result will be a p2p tag-based document management system.

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How to get large icons in your applications using SHGetFileInfo and C#

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Tabbles 1.5.3beta1 is huge: .net framework 4, memory improvement, new list view, improvements for the portable… and our new homepage is online too!

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Tabbles, ScrapBook, Gyazo, Firefox hint

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Tabbles 4.1.12 (~ 19MB)
Compatible with: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. For LAN mode, it requires Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 or above.

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