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November 2009

micro weekly update 09 -> 15 November

By | 2009-11-17T22:15:00+00:00 November 17th, 2009|English|

HELLO WORLD.Guys, probably this week for the first time, we started seeing some real interest in Tabbles, coming from different fronts. It feels good.Development (1.2.1 is very close) -> look at this- Recursive untabbling added- Improved auto-categorization (just "sticky" for the moment)- "Bleached" file window and graphical tweaks - Tracked (and hopefully fixed) 2 very buggy bugs causing to database corruption. We're [...]

Weekly update 02->08 November – and how we (don’t) fight piracy

By | 2009-11-10T15:08:00+00:00 November 10th, 2009|English|

HELLO WORLDDevelopment1.2.0 is out and 1.2.1 beta1 was out 1 day later...why that? Read on...Marketing (shopping list style)Homepage update: it was just about time! Our homepage described Tabbles as it was supposed to be (8 months ago), but the way it evolved is a bit different from what we initially planned (not much though).Main product page update: check this out.Special [...]

1.2.0 is out…and how to get feedback from your users – quickly!

By | 2009-11-06T15:36:00+00:00 November 6th, 2009|English|

Ladies and gentlemen, the 1.2.0 is out...the change-log itself looks scary :-D But of course we're not sleeping: the 1.2.1 beta1 is already available in the forum, featuring the long awaited Auto-categorization rules.Something useful now: how to get feedback from a trial We're fans of the excellent a smart bear blog, and we got inspiration from this article about getting [...]

Weekly update 26->31 October

By | 2009-11-01T23:31:00+00:00 November 1st, 2009|English|

HELLO WORLDMany little things going on. I'll keep it short this time!DevelopmentTweaking | bug-fixing | tweaking | bug-fixing | tweaking | tweaking | bug-fixing. Getting close to a release which was supposed to be a small one, but it's turning out to be pretty massive :-)But most important: fighting with Windows installer, Installshiled, Installaware, NSIS installer. Even for us it's [...]

October 2009

Weekly update: 18->25 October 2009

By | 2009-10-25T21:47:00+00:00 October 25th, 2009|English|

Here I am again!It was a calm week - read: everything went as planned. DevelopmentWe rolled out the 1.2beta2!With quite a fat change-log. The most interesting thing is the detachable file panel and the drag'n'drop: now you can drag'n'drop files from the file panel to a tabble on the tabble floor, or to another app. The cool thing about this [...]

Weekly update (I’m starting a tradition here)

By | 2009-10-18T21:24:00+00:00 October 18th, 2009|English|

Hello guys, This one is the first post of a series. I think it's great idea to write here what we're doing on a weekly base.Developmenta little flashback: Tweaking the GUIIn the last 3 weeks we've been mostly focusing on tweaking the GUI based on the feedback we got from our early users and friends. Among the things that mostly [...]

2 mins Tabbles art and more

By | 2009-10-13T15:46:00+00:00 October 13th, 2009|English|

Sexy, isn't it? :-DVielen dank to Nefycee! (he commented: "with a growing db you can make a Monalisa")Want to see more and post yours? Go here What else can you do with Tabbles? Well, you can make your desktop look like a mind mapping tool or even play games!

Our chatroom is online!

By | 2009-10-12T00:52:00+00:00 October 12th, 2009|English|

Hello world,What is a comunity without a chatroom? :-)http://www.tabbles.net/forum/chat/You can register on our forum but you're also welcome as a guest (just leave the password field empty!).Peace,Andrea

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