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1) QUICK OPENING of tabbles without need to open main window
– throught search panel launched by hotkey (like "LAUNCHY" app)
– or throught autohiding side-bar

2) SEARCH in file panel
It should be better if program Tabbles were filtering and reducing number of combinable tabbles on the right side of file panel according to text typed in search bar (in order to speed up searching for specific combinable tabble in case there’s a lot of tabbles linked to filtered files)

3) DOUBLE CLICK on a window
I would like to use as many "mouse commands" as possible. For example double-click on background of main window or file panel isn’t used. Double click can be used to switch
– between "scroll" and "select" tool (in main window);
– among "normal" , "orbital" and "gallery" view in file panel.
There’s also possibility to use single "mouse wheel" or "CTRL + mouse wheel" for specific commands in file panel.

4) MINIMIZED FILE PANELS on main window
Sometimes it’s a bit mess on my task bar (or object dock task bar) if there are a lot of opened file panels. It would be very nice if there was a possibility to minimize these panels somewhere on main window in form of list or "cloud" containing opened tabbles.

5) Customizable "BASKETS" of Tabbles in main window in order to arrange them and sort them (like STARDOCK FENCES used on desktop)

+ one more) MOVING and COPYING of files to:
– folders in file panel
– or to folder-tabbles in main window
(throught drag&drop)

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