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Thanks for the comments.

Tabbles is certainly running faster overall – the odd slowdowns do appear to be gone

It’s true that the permanent hang (the one from which Tabbles would not recover) is gone. However, as you note later, much remains to be done.

I suspect the remaining hangs and slowdowns are due to a wrong usage of threads on my side. I am trying to rewrite that part.

It also works as an OR operator for the tabbles BTW which is incredibly useful to boil down an idea right from the search box.

I am surprised you find the OR for tabbles useful. the OR is there for historical reasons: to ease dragging on files onto a precise groups of tabbles. Once this was useful because you did not have the side panel. But now that you can drag from the file panel main body to the side panel, I did not see a use for the feature anymore, and I though this was confusing. However I won’t remove the feature.

Type in partial names of tabbles (EX: tabb, quic) highlight the tabbles, right click and combine!

I see.

Perhaps Maurizio can add the "Enter" key to combine/open tabbles? (would be very handy)

ENTER is not possible since it would create a collision when typing in the search box. I can however create an ALT+something shortcut.

The browser button has been a huge feature as well! (absolutely love it!) Any way to get auto-tagging rules to run on internet addresses?

A rule matching what? Part of the url name?

Anyway this is a fair amount of work, I cannot afford to do it now. 😐

Nice that it won’t let you add the url more than once, but rather than just say "Oh no you don’t unless you break the address" perhaps the box could show the saved url’s tags and offer tag, untag, and bookmark rename buttons?

This is in the TODO list, but is surprisingly not easy.

Definitely like the ability to create a rule when you create a new tabble.

I am glad you do.

Speaking of rules… Could you add a "recently tagged" history box (like the auto-tagged history box)? Would be useful to quickly find newly added files/urls that I forgot to add a tag to (or realized needed a new tag or …). Currently I have to go via tools>advanced>all tagged files (or click on "tagged" in my favorites. 🙂 Nice feature, favorites),

I can’t afford that feature right now. As you say, this is already possible with the "tagged" tabble. See below.

sort by recently tagged,

Actually, if you use the tools menu, sorting is not necessary. Files are automatically sorted by recent_tagging_date. But you are right that this does not hold when you click "tagged" in favorites.

What I can do is add a shortcut for displaying the tagged tabble, already sorted.

The only problem that would remain is that you would still have to scroll down past the tabbles list to see the files. But this problem is only due to the fact that you don’t use tabbles nesting, so you have lots of toplevel tabbles. 👿 Since Tabbles is not usable in that case anyway (takes a lot of RAM), it does not make economic sense to work on that right now.

FWIW, been working with the tree and child/sub-tabbles and really starting to warm to how the file panel works and how I can use it to try and tame the huge number of tabbles and files I have in my primary DB. Not ready to throw out the workspace yet, but am seeing some great strides in it’s usefulness.

I am glad you are starting to use nesting (to repeat, Tabbles is currently not usable without nesting, due to enormous memory usage due to many tabbles visible at once).

Cheers 😉

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