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I want the answers for translation purposes only. I am messing about with the software but have not had time to explore it in-depth yet. I thought the the software has potential and would be good in Spanish as there is a vast number of people who would no doubt appreciate it. I am fluent in both languages. Some of the entries are hard to translate because of the translation in to English. NOt meant to criticise anyone on this, just that I thought it would help to understand the usage of the interface. I personally think this is a great program. It is an answer to my prayers. More and more now days people have tons of stuff on their computer (Me included). Lots of photos and music…The job is finding all the files with windows explorer…I think you have filled a gap where Microsoft has left in second place… 😳
Thanks for the answers. Good to be in the forum…
Happy Xmas and all the best for the coming new year.
Nick 😀

P.s. if I get stuck on another entry, can I knock on the door again?

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