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Just a quick response (cuz I’m at work…)

Glad you like the wiki! Andrea has some big plans for it, but with both he and Maurizio -very- busy at the moment it may be a bit before he digs in to it much. In the meantime I’m starting to figure out the wiki editor commands (slowly, via keeping the quick ref updated) and may start expanding it as I think appropriate. Ideas and help are certainly welcome!

I also see Tabbles as an eventual desktop replacement, but there’s a few things on the todo list before it’ll start being a real contender. At the moment though, Tabbles does DM and idea-generation for me awfully well. 🙂

About organizing your prgs by function; with some creative tabbling something near to it may be possible. I’d be interested in hearing more about your idea and exactly what you’re wanting it to do.

As to having to build Tabbles on 2 machines with the same files – No, you should be able to backup the db and load it (restore) on the other machine. You may have to do some re-defining of the file paths (tools>advanced>wizard iirc) if your directory tree isn’t identical. Believe that would be about the only thing to worry about. (When we get the full collaboration tools back I imagine transfers like this would be easier.)


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