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"mrdna" wrote: This looks kind of like it could be handled with a logical OR for the most part? The idea of being able to run mathematical operations on tabbles is definitely intriguing but I wonder if it might either balloon the size of the DB or slow down the program if not narrowly implemented – possibly via a separate search panel?

Well… I cannot see any reason to baloon the size of the DB and to slow down the program. This feature just uses the DB, but doesn’t change it at all. Also the operation itself is the same as making an OR combination of some tabbles, but with slightly added machine work to generate only the names of other tabbles to work with.
The operation should be processed only when you are combining tabbles to work with a set of files, this also can be done with a separate search panel, although you can make a new combined tabble in general way but through a kind of wizard which will ask you to fill the wildcards to define the parameters of operation.

"mrdna" wrote:
I have asked for auto-tagging based on file date and time (though it hasn’t made it into release yet…) would that help you in any way?

Really not, I meant that the date tabble is about some inner date of the information in files, which is not the same as the file date. For example, date of the book issuing, and the file with the book. I can add this tabble manually, it’s not about auto-tagging, it’s about autotabbling when there are already some tabbles defined, with some sequence in nature.

I think, the way to make normal DB queries (such as of SQL) through the tabbles conception is rather simple, light and natural. And it’s rather flexible.

A propos, autotagging also could be done with some inner info, for example id3 tags in mp3 files (but not for me).

Good luck,

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