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"Andrea" wrote:

* As mentioned by others, a more traditional menu bar

Ok, but how? What bothers you exactly, the graphic layout or the buttons names? Which buttons would you have?

I think what folks are talking about here is making the menu bar closer to "standard" software. Most windows program’s menu bar follow a pretty standard formula; File – Edit – View – Tools – Help.

I don’t think it has anything to do with a like or dislike of the menu graphics you’re using, but relates directly to that learning curve you’re trying to shorten. Folks are used to the ‘standard’ menu structure and have general ideas of what they will find there. You wouldn’t need to get rid of the graphical look of it, in fact I hope you don’t (just my 2 cents), but following the standard menu ‘pattern’ would probably go a long way in making the program more intuitive.

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