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"Maurizio" wrote:
I assume you refer to the main window (aka desktop) becoming cluttered.


Are you aware you can hide tabbles from the main window?

Yes, I do. But I found that if I hide some tabble from main window than I also can’t find it usind "Search…" box. So I apriori need to determine tags I am going to use and not use in future searches… it is not easy.

Could you explain what problem would this solve? (Are you aware of the function which arranges tabbles by name? This creates a sequential layout, only more compact than the one you suggest.)

Utilize screen space more effectively.
Really, I would like to have one more layout on the main window – smaill tablle balls and BIG names ON THE RIGHT and smaller (probably user defined) spaces between them. I think it gives the most compact readable layout – in current one text is much smaller than Tabble so I can’t mke it small enough because it becames unreadable. Also spaces between tabbles is too big – again, I would like to utilaze space as effective as posible.

That’s very difficult to achieve since in general the list could contain thousands of files. So the list-item for those files cannot exist in memory at the same time. Hence the current solution which only allows you to page down.

I am more backend guy so it is hard to recommend… may standard .net grid control be used? How standard Win explored shows thausand of files?

This looks like a bug. Could you be more precise? Do you mean that, from time to time, in the "active tasks" window, you see an entry "applying rules recursively to folder F:"? (where F: is the drive letter).

Unfortunately it looks that this process is finaly finished so I can’t give you exact message… from time to time I had a message in the left bottom corner of the screen saying something like "Recursively scanning S drive" where S is huge network drive.

Why do you feel the need to delete the disk-tabble? Only as a workaround for the above bug, of for some other reason?

mrdna is absolutely right. I have 6 drives on my computer (including network ones) and I am not palnning to tag 5 of them. Why do I need to spend screen space for them?
The whole idea is – I am trying to use it in my business environment – I do not want it looks nice, instead I need it to be effective. I would like to place about a hundred of tablles on main screen and be able to read names; I’d like to see files in more convenient way. Now if I have 7-10 tags attached to each file then it is not easy to determine from first view where is file name and hwhat the tags are. The grid view where ithe name is in first column and tags are in another column looks more acceptable for me in terms of effectivenessly.
Sorry for my poor English – please ask if I was unclear.

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