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Dr Teeth,

Hope you don’t mind if I chime in here a bit. Have been around here a while and hopefully can give you a bit of insight, or at least another user’s experience.

First off, as far as releases go, full releases that hit the page are the releases that get pushed via Tabbles notification. (box that pops and says new ver available) The stuff that gets released here (most notably in the beta forum) are betas or are not quite ‘gold’. IOW not ready for prime time or they include a new function that needs to be tested real world before it goes live. There are a few of us here that gleefully do our best to rip apart the program and happily point to bugs and other problems for Maurizio to fix.

As far as changelogs go; as a veteran of in-dev software since the 80s I certainly agree they are important things and sometimes take the place of user manual updates, but it ain’t the equivalent by any means. Considering the differences between incrementals (x.y.z) are always very small or under-the-hood precision updates aren’t really that important as, say, an update for an X.Y release.

Quite honestly, as long as you keep an eye in the forums there should be no problem keeping up on changes…

And dude… "Changelog writer"? 😆 That guy is only available when Andrea puts on that hat (he said something about special underwear too, but let’s just leave it at ‘hat’) and considering you have basically 2 guys writing the software, the web site, a wiki, a dev blog, marketing like hell, doing email support, etc then you can see how some things just don’t make it high on the priority list. If you read back in the forums you’ll also see how there have been some major changes in code, interface, security, and philosophy. Oh, and they’re doing this all in something other than their native language. (I understand that counts for style points only, but what the heck.)

tbh, you’d likely get better feedback starting here in the forums. Think of it this way; An emailed critique is like a farmer with a pitchfork, a forum thread on a solid critique can make that into a village of farmers with both pitchforks AND torches. (Right, Andrea? 😉 )

Anyways, criticism is good and don’t stop, but do understand what you’re critiquing.

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