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"Maurizio" wrote:

There is one more minor, but important improvement: when you build and show tabbles list (after 1st tabble was selected) it will be much better to sort tabbles by folders 1st and by names 2nd. Right now tabbles from different folders are mixed and it’s not useful.

Would you mind making a detailed example? Because it seems to me it’s already like that. 😯 In the example, please state in what order tabbles are presented now, and in what order you think they should be presented.

I think ahajtin means, and correct me if I’m wrong, a sort that displays folder A, followed by the files in folder A, then folder B, the files in folder B, and so on. Kind of like the tree would display if it could show files. Applied to sorting the combinable tabbles at the beginning of the list it would be a direct application of the tree list layout to the file panel; Parent tabble A, child-tabble(s) in A, parent tabble B, child tabbles, etc… I can see it applied to the combinable tabbles, and/or to the files and folders, but not encompassing both. In the desktop workspace I imagine it’d be easier to do, though.

If that’s indeed what’s meant it would be an interesting sort option for the file panel and I’d be quite interested on the uses for this kind of sort!

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