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"Andrea" wrote: If so, what if we put a button in the tree that allows you to open all the nodes at once, or even better, one level at once? This way you would click once (or twice…) and have all the tabbles visible in the tree. I believe this would improve the situation and solve 50% of the problem. 😮 :geek:

What we’ve been thinking too is implementing a view mode in the old main window where you can see all the tabbles at once (regardless of their nesting) and get them grouped by color… this is also feasible but rather complex to implement therefore we can’t put in top of our roadmap right now… 😕

If you can do same ‘group open’ feature in the ‘plain’ view (old workspace) it will be great. May be grouped around ‘nest’.

And for me there is no need in special color function, it’s useful if color is an attribute of tabbles group (nest).

One more important thing: I store file library on the NAS and access them by WiFi, so when you try to filter all files after each tabble click is very slow for me. Can you some desync tabble clicking (crating filter, really) and files list processing? It will be very good for me to have a possibility to combine some tabbles ASAP (without delay caused by file access) and then wait a bit to get filtered list?

And please :), add tabbles DB sharing – I use notebook and desktop to access to NAS and it will be awesome to use one tabble base 🙂

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