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"Andrea" wrote: mrdna, thanks a lot for your long explanation – I hope we’re getting closer to it, but still there are things we just don’t grasp.
:geek: :geek: :mrgreen: :ugeek:

Let me summarize what I understood so far:

  • * you mostly use Tabbles as some kind of file/urls related mind-mapping tool
  • * in the "desktop window" you arrange the tabbles manually using the free-hand mode (not the auto-arrange tools) in order to do some kind of clustering.

Essentially correct, though in the primary db the "info generation" part (drilling down to the info I want) is especially important as I do plenty of fact checking and contextualizing. With the ‘bills’ db the primary purpose there is document flow.

"Andrea" wrote:
How correct is this? I know it seems like I’m acting like a shrink, but explaining (and therefore understanding) one’s "user experience" is everything but easy. Thanks again for spending all this time on this 🙂

No problem, Andrea. A Good Thing in my opinion, especially since we’re dealing with at least 3 different primary languages and the nuances of each can get lost in translation.

"Andrea" wrote:
Our issues while shifting the new GUI are mostly that:

  • * we still like the zoom/pan GUI, but we realized that most people just don’t get it (and we’re not Apple so we can’t hope we’ll convince them that it’s "beautiful and magical").
  • * the whole clustering/mind mapping/desktop idea, is not at all something we did throw away: what we’re trying to do is focusing on something that anyone can understand and have a direct benefit from, and leave for a later moment some other more audacious experiments…

ok… not sure why I wrote that, but I guess trying to explain yourself is never a bad thing :mrgreen:


Quite honestly, the way I use it for "idea generation", or mind-mapping, is a side-benefit to what I believe was your central intent of the program; document handling in an extremely configurable environment. Your development path (in general) has been pretty well done – my thing is just trying to keep you guys from tossing out the parts that I’ve come to depend on but that are not central functions to Tabble’s intended use.

Making Tabbles more intuitive to the new user is vastly more important than catering to my whims here, and I think you guys know that… 😆 For my part, I’m aware that I won’t (and haven’t) gotten all I wanted and many things I still harp on aren’t high on the to-do list. Ce la vie, or something like that… 😉

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