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"Maurizio" wrote:

Okay, now I am confused.

So, in detail, how does inheritance and nesting tags work?

Suppose you have file "pluto.png" and two tabbles: "Mammal" and "dog". Drag and drop tabble "dog" into tabble "mammal". This tells Tabbles that a dog is a kind of mammal.

Now put "pluto.png" in tabble "dog". Open tabble "mammal". You see pluto.png. That’s all.

In other words, pluto has been automatically tagged with "mammal", even though you only tagged it as "dog".

Quick thought here (since I can’t test anything till I get home from work in 6hrs or so…)

Ok, by my testing it appears that (via quick-tagging at least) the parent tabble tag is NOT added to the file when it’s tagged with a child-tabble


and perhaps it’s due to the way Tabbles displays – when you open the parent tabble all the files tagged with child-tabble tags are displayed. They just don’t have the parent tabble’s tag showing.

For mkayi’s example; the file may only -show- the ‘oil’ tag, however it will show up if you open the art or picture tabbles (which would not show as tags on the file)?

I’ll triple check this when I get home (no hissy fits for me today! 😆 ) but is this about what you’re saying when you say ‘inheritance’?

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