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"Maurizio" wrote:

…and this is precisely why I don’t use the nested tabbles

So you have a flat list? Interesting.

it also requires adding upwards of 5 (or more!) very useless tags to all my files. …. … .I’ve asked for a switch or some other way to allow the user to chose whether the parent-tabble is inherited, at minimum.

Could you elaborate? I mean, what exactly is the problem with files inheriting tags which were not directly associated to them? What problem does this cause to you?

Yes, I use a flat list and rely alot on the search box to find things now.

Precisely what I said there; If I place all my people tabbles under a parent-tabble, topic under a topic parent, etc then for a file with person, topic, agency, place tabbles it will inherit 4 extra tabbles. So each file can double the number of tabbles which makes it harder to quickly scan a set of files and get an idea of the tag distribution. Tag clutter to put it simply.

Also as has been mentioned, it makes the workspace difficult to move tabbles around for idea generation.

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