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"Maurizio" wrote: Hi,

Do files added to child tabbles automatically inherit all of the parent tabbles?

Yes, they do .

If I create tabbles according to my colour groups and put all the tabbles of those groups in there, does that mean that in the classic workspace the tabbles all disappear and end up in single tabbles with the name of my colour groups?


That would make the classic workspace less attractive as I would have to drill down into tabbles to find things I might not be thinking of when opening the app, you know?

Less attractive, yes. But not entirely useless. It’s like the windows desktop. You can see folders on the Windows desktop, but you don’t see subfolders. You have to open a folder to see its subfolders. But that does not make the desktop useless.

Also, you can put a tabble into another tabble, and at the same time on the workspace. So you don’t have to drill down, but you can see it in two places. (hold ctrl and drag to copy a tabble)

…and this is precisely why I don’t use the nested tabbles – In addition to making the classic workspace rather useless in intuitive drilling into my info (following an idea thread) it also requires adding upwards of 5 (or more!) very useless tags to all my files. And yes, Maurizio, for me, and it sounds like how mkayi is using it, using the nesting function -does- make the workspace useless to our way of use and the negates the reason for using tabbles in the first place.

This was pretty much my exact argument when you implimented this version of nesting and why I’ve asked for a switch or some other way to allow the user to chose whether the parent-tabble is inherited, at minimum. In the workspace, have the tabbles break out by parent tabble, much like it does by color group or alpha.

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