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Here is my vision of Multi-User support… this vision is typically in business environment where a lot of persons put a lot of information on network drive but nobody knows what info is where 🙂

You could install tables on the PC.
The database is located in a central place (server)
All tables programs points to that database
When placing something on the server you are supposed to tag it correctly.

This will allow everybody to find back the info based on the tags…but….this brings a few issues as well:
-the filelocation must be more robust (as the share does not necessary have the same network-drive name)
-there might be issues on security:
–I can imagine that all info should not be available for everybody)
–I can imagine that the management of table should be centralized to avoid everybody adding tables
–I can imagine that it might be necessary to have a read only access (just to find documents back but not to add files in tables)

Just a few thoughts….

Any other ideas around ?


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