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"Andrea" wrote: Hello dear forum regulars,

What do we need from you?
All we need back is the .resx of your language…if in doubt zip the whole thing and upload it on this thread.
If 2 people are looking to translate the same language (unlucky but possible) please guys let’s try to coordinate 🙂

Ok, that’s it!

Ok Andrea,
Here you may find the zip with resx files including the Romanian translation.
A word of notice, though.
1) Some expressions (computer slang, let’s say) are already in use, and I preferred not to translate them literally, since people use them in everyday use of computers. They are just a few, such as "popups", and "zoom", it seems, I really can’t find others right now.
2) Another thing, Tabble is a name, and also a registered trademark, therefore, although a close translation would have been to use the word for table, i’d rather keep the name tabble for table and tabbles for the translation of tabbles.
3) And, the last one, as a fellow said before, some real life testing is necessary, may even a second opinion. I’ll pass the translation around to some of my friends, just to be sure.
I’ll wait for your comments and if needed, i’ll do any modifications you my find necessary.
Congratulations for this excellent piece of software and keep up the good work !


PS: i tried to get it done by Christmas 🙂 but i just discovered the product a couple of days ago.

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