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Ok, more info on this…

Added the tabble ‘test tree’ to one of the crashing DBs. Still crashed but is now asking for the ‘2009’ tabble, another one that was never present there.

Took the grand tour of all my DBs and XMLs – most XMLs will not load and give an ‘invalid’ error. (encryption lacking?) Only xml that will load was saved 11/14. It will, however, crash when trying to access the rules menu. (downloaded the bills one I’d uploaded here in the Community area and it is considered invalid as well)

Of all the DB files only 2 are crashing; the writing one and a contractor DB. Neither had rule sets nor did I use them for any testing. (Last saved 11/10 and 11/29 respectively)

All my lab rats, incremental backups and derivatives of my primary DB (rules or not) work fine. (lab rats all saved prior to 10/19, incrimentals and derivatives span Sept thru 12/4)

Just tried another workaround – Exported the structure from the writing DB. Closed and reloaded Tabbles. Imported the writing structure, (no problem, loaded, no files of course). Hit the rules button. Crash. Same error, looking for test tree…

I’m at a loss, especially as it still crashes the same when transferring the structure only! (I’ll attach it in case you want to see if it crashes on you) The only thing I can think of is that something is making a call out to a file it shouldn’t be, or is confused in some other manner. I just can’t figure it.

With it happening to only 2 files I can accept that it’s something unique to me, but it still means that I’ll have to rebuild several structures I was hoping to upload here eventually, and completely recreate my writing DB. 😥 That one’s gonna suck real bad but at least it wasn’t my political DB, that would’ve been a truly massive loss.

Anyways, don’t worry about it, Maurizio, you have better things to do…

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