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yes – i have similar problem that i reported (by email) several days ago.
In my case the update process (can’t remember the exact syntax of ‘update’ message) included a pop-up, “~ there is a new version . . . ” i clicked “Update” and in the background a download took place (noting my network action), then a pop-up asked: “Repair” or “Uninstall” – i didn’t know what to do so i tried Repair, which, ultimately, after a few minutes i ended up with the same (?) 4.0.10 version.
The next time i booted into Windows10 i got the same Update to new version message, and after clicking, ‘YES, i got the choices “Repair” or “Uninstall” – this time i chose “Uninstall” as i thought, ‘maybe that means UNINSTALL OLD VERSION’, but i was wrong and i ended up without a TABBLES installation.

please advise

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