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The first has been resolved, thank you!

About the second item:

I read are the native computer disk file, open a tabbles, file number more than 4800, read very fast. But, my sort file menu only three ways: name, size and date modified, there was no other sort of way.

Described in the manual:

The faster – sortings (not requiring disk access but only a query to The Tabbles database) are:

The Name
The Recently tagged
Files with more tabbles
Files with fewer tabbles
Recently the opened with Tabbles

The slower sortings (requiring disk access) are:

The Date modified
The Size

A total of six kinds of sorting, missing “Files with more tabbles”, “Files with fewer tabbles” and “the Recently tagged”

But these items can help my best improve work efficiency, so please help me to solve it, thank you!

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